Job Details: Retail Customer Care Specialist - French

Jervis Street
Dublin 1
Retail Customer Care Specialist - French
Posted: **Apply on the website** Aug **Apply on the website**

Weekly Hours: **Apply on the website** Role Love to solve problems and
delight customers? The best products come with the world’s best
customer support. Troubleshooting with integrity and quick resolution
are just part of the equation — we want our customers to be happy
with every interaction they have with us.
Whether you’re helping a customer set up or finding answers to their
questions about their recent order, you’re ready to share knowledge
and provide excellent assistance. You gain satisfaction from bringing
resolution and insight to each customer, elevating his or her
relationship with Apple.





Fluent in English and the above specified language

Flexibility to regularly rotate through different technical
specialities and skill sets

_ABILITY TO_ thrive on change as products evolve

High standard of written & oral communications

Previous customer service/sales, consumer retail, or contact centre
experience is favourable.

_ABILITY TO_ maintain composure and customer focus while
troubleshooting and solving issues.

Strong customer focus and can make decisions quickly.

_ABILITY TO_ deliver great customer experiences in any environment and
to be invigorated by constant personal interaction.

Strong communication skills that let you converse as freely and
comfortably with small groups as with individual customers.

Description Description As  a Customer Support Representative,
you’re the one who helps customers after they purchase our products.
Your day is filled with a range of focused support for customers who
contact you via inbound calls and/or emails. When a customer needs
assistance, you quickly assess their situation and give advice or a
solution on the spot, using your knowledge of current Apple processes.

At other times, you engage with support team members who can further
assist. By helping Apple maintain positive relationships with
customers, you are instrumental to our success.

• Searching Apple&#**Apply on the website**;s internal systems for
specific order details, e.g, delivery information, payment details,
address-verification etc.

• Navigating Apple and Apple carriers&#**Apply on the website**;
websites for logistics information.

• Communicating with other Apple departments such as Logistics and
Finance via Apple&#**Apply on the website**;s internal tools to
further investigate a customer issue.

• Detailed logging of all customer calls, written in English, in the
relevant Apple database.
- Need to gain in-depth knowledge of Apple

Store processes and policies, including knowing when to make
exceptions to ensure customer happiness.

• Advise customers on the features and benefits of our new and
existing Apple products.

• All Customer Support Representatives are expected to deal
professionally and competently with all customers, representing Apple
in a positive manner, to ensure a world-class customer service for

Store customers at all times.

_EDUCATION_ & Experience

_EDUCATION_ & Experience





We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Others

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