Job Details: Northside Family Resource Centre: Older Persons’ Mental Health Worker

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Northside Family Resource Centre: Older Persons’ Mental Health Worker
[Northside Family Resource Centre]


Northside Family Resource Centre since its establishment in **Apply on
the website** has sought to respond to the needs of the local
community by providing:

* structures which facilitate local people to support each other and
search for ways to improve the quality of life in the area
* services in answer to the needs of families and family members
* support for those most disadvantaged and socially excluded.

The OLDER PERSONS’ MENTAL HEALTH WORKER will support the effective
running of older persons’ projects and programmes in Northside
Family Resource Centre within the context of the Covid-**Apply on the
website** Pandemic. Working closely with the Co-ordinator of Older
Persons’ Services they will support the development of a system of
supports aimed at fostering and maintaining the older person’s
mental well-being, independence, social inclusion, and community

The Older Persons’ Mental Health Worker will have responsibility for
certain projects.

Among these are:

* Compensating for the lack of social interaction throughout the
Pandemic through innovative and creative initiatives
* Create fun and engaging opportunities which Older People can
actively engage
* Friendly Call Service
* Home Visiting Service
* Referrals and signposting
* Attention to those returning home from the hospital
* One-to-one advocacy and support
* Build interagency relationships with statutory and community
* Input into the strategic development of the project and funding
opportunities as they arise
* Other relevant activities

Full Job Description and Application Form can be found on our website

We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Health

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