Job Details: Senior DSP Engineer

Jervis Street
Dublin 1
Senior DSP Engineer
Job Purpose

The signal processing engineer is an information technologies expert
that analyses and alters digital signals to make them more accurate
and reliable.

Main Responsibilities

As a signal processing engineer, your responsibilities are to develop,
manage and update digital signals, creating algorithms to process them
more efficiently. Qualifications for a signal processing engineer
include a bachelor&#**Apply on the website**;s degree in electrical or
computer engineering, math, or physics, and skills in various
programming languages, like C++.

Many types of natural (including our bodies) phenomena can be observed
by sensors and turned into continuous electrical signal, either by
direct observation (like heart rates) or through external excitation
(like ultrasound).

The sampled and digitized signal studied and analysed by the digital
signal processing (DSP) to produce meaningful data and images to
assist physician in proper diagnosis.

Desired Skills and Background

Principal skill set in physiology signal processing

Principal experience in machine learning methodologies

Experienced in coding in C++

Experience in rapid scaling projects

5 years plus experience in medical device industry

3 years&#**Apply on the website**; experience in supervisory /
management role

Capable of growing into Director level positon within **Apply on the
website** - **Apply on the website** months

Our role in supporting diversity and inclusion

As an international workforce business, we are committed to sourcing
personnel that reflects the diversity and values of our client base
but also that of Orion Group. We welcome the wide range of experiences
and viewpoints that potential workers bring to our business and our
clients, including those based on nationality, gender, culture,
educational and professional backgrounds, race, ethnicity, sexual
orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and age
differences, job classification and religion. In our inclusive
workplace, regardless of your employment status as staff or contract,
everyone is assured the right of equitable, fair and respectful

We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Others

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