Job Details: Aisling Project: Youth Activity Worker (Part-Time)

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Aisling Project: Youth Activity Worker (Part-Time)
[Aisling Project ]


Aisling Project CLG (Company Limited by Guarantee) manages five
Aisling Project centres across Ballymun. The Projects are an after
school service for children and young people aged from **Apply on the
website**yrs. Aisling Project aims to prevent early school leaving,
support the community as a whole and improve school retention by
running after-school intervention projects for children and young
people from the Ballymun area.


The Youth Activity Worker role is pivotal in Aisling Project and the
post holder will have a great degree of responsibility for ensuring
that children and young people are supported and cared for in line
with the ethos of Aisling Project.

He or she will report directly to their respective Project Coordinator
in respect of the day-to-day work of Aisling Project. The Youth
Activity Worker shall be responsible for carrying out agreed work in
consultation with their Coordinator and Project Leader.

The Youth Activity Worker contract is based on a **Apply on the
website**.5 hour week unless otherwise notified.


* Be responsible for the implementation of activity plans and
* Be responsible for reporting any issues to the Project Coordinator
* Be responsible for attending scheduled planning meetings
* Attend training as provided by Aisling Project
* Engage with children & young people in a manner fitting with the
ethos of Aisling Project
* Work with children - organise indoor and outdoor activities,
including Homework, Dinner each day, Literacy Development, Educational
projects, Environmental awareness projects, Arts & Crafts etc.
* Deal with Parents/Guardians with respect and empathy at all times
in a manner fitting with the ethos of Aisling Project
* Plan, implement and evaluate all programmes across the year
* Become familiar with Logic Models
* The Youth Activity Worker will work within the spirit and ethos of
Aisling Project at all times.


* Respond to all queries in relation to Aisling Project
* Communicate with Parents/Guardians in relation to their child in a
respectful and supportive manner at all times in keeping with the
ethos of Aisling Project.
* Liaise with all stakeholders in relation to their contact with
Aisling Project
* Build strong working relationships with Community Organisations
from across Ballymun and beyond.


The Youth Activity Worker will report to the Coordinator


Please send the completed application form to **Apply on the website**
Closing date: July **Apply on the website**nd **Apply on the website**

_All Position holders will be Garda Vetted prior to beginning work
with Aisling Project._

We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Others

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