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Tullacmongan Peace Impact Programme: Invitation to Tender
[Tullacmongan Peace Impact Programme]




The Tullacmongan Resource Centre through their IFI funded Peace Impact
Programme (PIP) are currently seeking from service providers a tender
for the facilitator/training costs associated with delivering training
for their Employability Programme.

Tullacmongan Resource Centre has been in operation since **Apply on
the website** and currently delivers a range of services, supports and
programmes to families, children and community groups in the immediate
and surrounding area of Tullacmongan. The organisation is managed by a
voluntary board of management and currently directs the following
services: Tullacmongan Childcare service, International Fund for
Ireland-Peace Impact Programme, we also facilitate groups in the
Tullacmongan Resource Centre and rent office space to Foroige for
their **Apply on the website**, Big Brother little sister programmes.

The Tullacmongan area is in the Cavan Belturbet electoral area with a
population of just over **Apply on the website**,**Apply on the
website** and the local Tullacmongan area is divided into 6 small
areas electoral areas and has a total population of 1,**Apply on the
website** (**Apply on the website** Census).

Five of the six small electoral areas are registered as ‘very
disadvantaged’ on the Haase index, with the remaining one showing as
‘disadvantaged’. Some conclusions from this report indicate that

* There is a high age dependency rate - **Apply on the
website**.**Apply on the website**%. This means that there is a high
proportion of younger and older people in the population that the
working age population have to support.
* There are very striking statistics for lone parents’ households,
with one small electoral area recording **Apply on the website**% of
households as such.
* In almost all areas, over one third of the population were
educated to primary education only.
* In three of the small areas, the majority of accommodation is
rented from the local authority. In one area, **Apply on the
website**% of housing is rented from the local authority.
* The average male unemployment rate for the catchment area is
**Apply on the website**.**Apply on the website**%.
* The average female unemployment rate is **Apply on the


We require the delivery of an Employability Programme. The core
outcome for all potential participants, is a programme to build up
confidence and the provision of specific supports to work alongside
them on the journey to employment.

Many of our potential participants have been out of the workforce for
some time. The Tullacmongan Peace Impact Programme intend to work with
some of the support agencies to adopt a new employability programme
that will be developed specifically around the needs of adults. This
programme should include coaching delivered on a part-time one to one
basis, to support clients to find employment or participate in further
education or training. The result of this programme will be that each
individual will have a personal action plan, which should include up
to date CV and identified training needs that will encourage them to
find employment and/or other certs needed for gainful employment i.e.
Safepass, Manual Handling, First Aid etc.

We plan to engage **Apply on the website** adults on this programme.

It is envisaged that the programme will be a mixture of group and one
to one training/mentoring and will include modules that could be
accredited. These modules/units could be mixture of QQI level 3 and 4
- which will bring people up to a work standard for all jobs and/or
Skills towards Enabling Progression e.g. - similar to the Step-Up
and/or Gateway to progression programme

Any programme will need to be flexible and responsive, with an option
for the delivery of a range of general and pre-vocational
qualifications. They need to be devised with the aim to progress
learners into further learning and/or employment. They also may
contain many of the units from the popular qualifications so can be
used in their place. These qualifications will need to be of
particular benefit to those learners who want to progress into other
further or higher education courses, or into new work area are
returning, or planning to return, to work and/ or who are seeking to
update and/or add to their employment skills. Potential participants
would also benefit from alternative approaches to curriculum and
learning and may want to test out a vocational area to inform their
career/employment choices. They may have not previously achieved
success in educational routes and may need to develop their literacy
and/or numeracy skills.


* The Successful Tenderer will work in partnership with Tullacmongan
PIP coordinator utilising a person-centred approach for participants
of the Employability Programme;
* Training will be tailored to the needs of the participants;
* The winning tender must be able to demonstrate that they have the
capacity and relevant experience to conduct training with
* All training will take place in Cavan Town unless there are other
requirements necessary;
* It is important that the successful tenderer will be available
before the commencement of the training to consult and coordinate the
deliverables of the programme
* It is anticipated that not more than **Apply on the website**
participants will avail of the training;
* All insurance and Tax Clearance Certifications



* A clear strategy is required as to how the training will be
conducted. In the method statement, tenderers shall outline the
approach to the design, development and delivery of the training
including information on the proposed approach, duration and content.


* Specify the format of each course or possible options;
* Specify the proposed training approach, methodology to be used;
* Course outlines should provide an understanding of the measures
which will be taken to create an inclusive learning environment for
each participant;
* Specify the length of each course or module;
* Specify minimum and maximum numbers per course, if you propose to
do group work;
* A clear distinction must be made on quotations between hours
worked with groups and one to one
* Relevant experience must be outlined;
* Requirements with regard to Technology should be outlined;
* All training should be appropriately designed and be flexible to
meet the needs of each individual e.g. for an individual who presents
with reduced writing comprehension – they may require an adapted
training programme which consists of pictorial aids and role plays/
demonstrations for learning purposes;
* CVs should be included in respect of all proposed trainers;
* Successful tenderers must adhere to all the Centres Policies and
Procedures and be able to deliver on a seamless reporting and
monitoring procedures e.g. use the supplied Sign-in Sheet, evaluation
documentation and a Final Report etc.
* Procedures for cancelling courses including notice required should
be detailed;
* The inclusion of a Covid **Apply on the website** plan, what you
would expect us to have in place to deal with the current compliance,
what do you have in place and your plan to deliver the programme in
the context of Covid **Apply on the website** restrictions


* Attendance Register: The successful tenderer must record all
training details including date, time, and duration in the form of an
attendance sheet. They must ensure that the attendance register is
fully completed by each participant for each day of the training
* Participant Evaluation Form: The Tenderer/Provider must present
and support each Participant in completing an Evaluation Form to allow
them to express their views and opinions following the completion of
the training course. Forms must be in a format that are easy to
interpret for the participants.

* Final Report: The must produce a Final Report, tailored to each
individual participant to include:

* The aims and objectives of the Training Course;
* How the Training Course proceeded and whether all aims and
objectives were achieved;
* An evaluation of how the Training Course impacted on each
individual Participant;
* Update on progress for each course participant.

* Please note that

* Payment terms will be in place with payment being forwarded within
twenty working days of Tullacmongan PIP receiving the Reports which
were approved.
* All completed documentation must be returned to Tullacmongan PIP
for each course within **Apply on the website** working days;


The budget for this piece of work is in the region of €8,**Apply on
the website**


Applications will be scored on the basis of the following;

* Proven track record in training and delivery of this type of
project - **Apply on the website**%
* Quality of proposal, methodology and approach - **Apply on the
* Knowledge of this sector - **Apply on the website**%
* Cost - **Apply on the website**%


Tenderers shall provide the following general information:

* Individual/Company name and address
* Name of the contact person
* Telephone number and email address of the contact person
* Website address of the company (if applicable)
* A brief summary/overview of experience/background and ability to
* A list of referees (at least 2) whom the tenderer has provided a
similar service to and who may be contacted for references.

PRICING - A detailed breakdown of the estimated cost of training is
required. Quotations should include a breakdown of cost per
participant. A clear distinction must be made on quotations between
hours worked and hourly rate and clear distinction must be made on
quotations for group and one to one work and anticipated hours. Both
need to be included.

The price should include any associated costs (inclusive of any
additional expenses envisaged e.g. travel, subsistence, preparation
costs, materials). It must be noted that no additional fees except
those originally quoted will be paid and any additional costs will be
a matter for the contractor themselves.


Tenderers must indicate their availability to complete the training
within the time frame outlined earlier.


Tenderers must be tax compliant therefore they must submit a valid up
to date tax clearance access number (TCAN) when making a tender
submission. The successful Tenderer will also be asked for copies of
up to date insurance documentation.


* The Board of Tullacmongan PIP will not be liable in respect of any
costs incurred by tenderers in the preparation of tenders or any
associated work effort.
* Incomplete tenders will be rejected.
* Any conflicts of interest involving a tenderer must be fully

_Selection process and selection criteria Tullacmongan PIP is required
to obtain the best value for International Funds for Ireland monies
and is committed to treating all quotations fairly. A contract will
not necessarily be awarded to the lowest price quotation but to the
one that, in the opinion of assessment panel, is in accordance with
the assessment criteria and that offers Tullacmongan PIP the best
value for money in terms of the level of the service offered.
Tullacmongan PIP also reserves the right not to offer the contract to
any applicant._


Tender Specification Tender Reference: Employability Programme


Will accept either fully completed emailed tender or Hard Copy
Email – **Apply on the website**
Address – Tullacmongan PIP, Tullacmongan Resource Centre,
Killymooney Drive, Cavan

H**Apply on the website** WOV2


For further details regarding this tender or any queries please

Noel Maguire – Project Coordinator
Office - **Apply on the website** **Apply on the website**
Mobile - **Apply on the website** **Apply on the website**
Email – **Apply on the website**

We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Others

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