Job Details: Account Development Representative, Spanish/EMEA

Jervis Street
Dublin 1
Account Development Representative, Spanish/EMEA
Position: Account Development Representative, Spanish (EMEA)

At MongoDB, our Account Development team works closely with our
partners in both Sales and Marketing to build fanatical customer
enthusiasm around MongoDB. AD reps are responsible for identifying and
qualifying new opportunities for our sales organisation. We view our
Account Development program as the best way to turbocharge a long and
successful career in sales and view our Account Development
Representatives (ADRs) as the next wave of Account Executives at

To aid in this endeavour, we invest heavily in the training and
development of our team. This includes a 2-week long global sales
bootcamp, weekly group findings, weekly **Apply on the website**
mentorship, and global group trainings. By joining our team, you are
making an investment in yourself that will accelerate the rest of your
sales career.

Our ADRs gain an understanding of our product, community, who we sell
to, why they care, and what makes us relevant. They learn how to
generate a pipeline quickly and effectively as well as how to achieve
a good discovery and qualification. The team is a crucial resource for
sales teams across MongoDB to get great talent from. This helps us
scale our teams, as well as ensure that we have a culture of

Being an ADR, is often a first step to jump-starting a career in
sales. At MongoDB, we have a culture that celebrates diversity,
fosters growth and enablement, and ensures that we provide our ADRs
with the tools and the confidence that they need to grow their

The ADR leadership team has a true understanding of where each ADR is
at in their personal development process, and mentors and enables them
to ensure that they have the means and opportunity to be considered
for their next role. At MongoDB, we truly believe that if you want to
earn your MBA in sales, this is the place to be. As a leadership team,
we spend an exorbitant amount of time working in the trenches with our
teams to help them fine hone their business and sales acumen and ramp
them as quickly as we can to productivity, success, and greater roles.

To learn more about MongoDB&#**Apply on the website**;s ADR Upskill
Program, read this article by Sean Andrew, SVP, Worldwide Corporate


By the end of month 1, you will:
* Have met your new team and had fun playing with some new tools
* Become a part of the wider Dublin family
* Have a good understanding of what makes MongoDB’s product
offerings so special
* Understand how our Account Development, Marketing and Account
Executive teams all work together

* Have had a successful sales bootcamp training
* Be comfortable talking to clients on the phone about MongoDB
* Have worked with our Account Executive team on your first
* Have shadowed a ton of calls and practised several role plays
* Started delivering your ramp quota

* Know our sales funnel inside and out, and feel confident to add
value to our sales org
* Show clear delivery of our sales methodologies
* Provide insights to both our Account Development and marketing
organisations to help us to continue to iterate and improve
* Delivered against your ramp quota

* Identify high-potential businesses that would be a good fit to work
with MongoDB across your region
* Work with the Sales team to develop and lead inbound and outbound
campaigns from idea-generation through to qualified call
* Develop strong sales and product knowledge
* Interact with IT and business decision makers via telephone and
* Update lead and prospect activity in Salesforce to ensure
effective lead management
* Set qualified introductory meetings for the Sales team
* Nurture early phase opportunities for future pipeline potential
* Exceed monthly and quarterly opportunity quota
* Build strong relationships with our marketing team and Account
Executives, where we pull together to maximise the win for our
* Invest in your self-development, focusing on the skills and
attributes that will make you successful in your core role and get you
set for future success

* **Apply on the website**+ years of strong sales or customer-facing
* A self-starter with a track record of hitting and exceeding goals
* Outstanding communication skills including both phone and written
communication as well as active listening
* Extraordinary character with an incredible drive for success, high
work ethic, curious by nature, and obsessed with smashing sales goals
* Validated time leadership skills and ability to work either
independently or through coaching
* Desire to work in a driven and fast-paced environment
* Passionate about cutting-edge technology with the aptitude to
learn new and exciting IT software products, as well as, understand
business critical solutions quickly


The health and wellbeing of our team is our first priority. During
these times we have extended the option for all of our employees to
work from home until the end of the year. We are excited to return to
the office when it is safe to do so and are constantly evolving how we
bring our strong office culture to a remote working environment.

* **Apply on the website**+ people, with teams in Sales, Engineering,
HR, Finance, IT, Legal
* Regular group outings and opportunities to get to know your
* Employee affinity groups, Fun Teams, etc.

* Comprehensive Health & dental insurance with VHI
* Pension & Life Insurance
* Free lunch twice per week
* Fully stocked kitchen with healthy and sweet treats
* Gym membership and weekly Wellness classes


Interviewing is not an easy thing and can be alien to some people. We
want you to succeed. When we interview, we’re trying determine a
couple of things:
* Would you be successful if you were part of our team?
* Will you love working here and be a positive influence on our
* Will you grow during your time here?

We seek to provide feedback throughout our interview process, usually
directly in the interview. We love working with people who are always
trying to better themselves.

When you’re preparing to interview, you’ll often be sharing
stories about your current and past roles. An excellent way to frame
this is with the CARR model: Context, Action, Results, Reflection.
This allows you to succinctly share the experiences you’ve gained.

We’re looking for people with a passion for technology. Make sure
you invest some time in learning about MongoDB, the industry we
operate in, what we offer and how we set ourselves apart.

To drive the personal growth and business impact of our employees,
we’re committed to developing a supportive and enriching culture for
everyone. From employee affinity groups, to fertility assistance and a
generous parental leave policy, we value our employees’ wellbeing
and want to support them along every step of their professional and
personal journeys. Learn more about what it’s like to work at
MongoDB, and help us make an impact on the world!

MongoDB is an equal opportunities employer.

We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Others

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