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Brighter Futures for Children: Residential Social Care Manager
Brighter Futures for Children (BFFC) Ltd aims to help children
overcome developmental trauma resulting from adverse childhood
experiences such as neglect and child abuse. BFFC specializes in the
provision of therapeutic communities wherein children enjoy positive
nurturing relationships with supportive adults. For this reason, all
staff are expected to undertake therapeutic training throughout the
lifetime of their employment with BFFC. Additionally, BFFC will
commission and provide evidence-informed therapeutic intervention that
has demonstrated effectiveness in assisting traumatized to heal.

As a Residential Social Care Manager, you will be required to oversee
the provision of a quality therapeutic service to children / young
people and ensure that they are properly cared for.



* The centre manager must have minimum level 8 degree in social care
and 5 years’ experience of working in a social care grade with
* OR level 7 in social care and a relevant management qualification
suitable for a health care or social care setting and 5 years’
experience of working in a social care grade in with children.
* OR The centre manager must hold a qualification in a related and
relevant field and a relevant management qualification suitable for a
health care or social care setting and have previously been the
manager of a registered centre with the ACIMS within the past 3 years
from the time of application. They must have held the post for a
period of **Apply on the website** or more of the preceding **Apply on
the website** months on the date of application.


* Have a working knowledge of Howard Bath - The Three Pillars
* TCI - Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training.
* Track record of sustaining previous employment.
* A clean full driving license valid in the Republic of Ireland and


* Liaise with other relevant statutory and voluntary services.
* Treat children/young people and their families with dignity and
respect, always promoting a culture of unconditional positive regard.
* Ensure case records are properly and accurately maintained and
that appropriate statistical information is provided.
* Seek the advice of relevant personnel as required.
* Take an active role in supervision in accordance with the
supervision policy.
* Provide supervision to social care staff as appropriate.
* Contribute to the promotion, creation and maintenance of a
welcoming, safe, caring, stable and supportive environment.
* Ensuring that social care/therapeutic interventions are delivered
* Ensuring proper governance with reference to relevant legislation
and policy including financial management.
* Recognize children / young people as expert through experience,
promoting their participation in planning, decision-making and service
* Develop an understanding of how previous life experiences impact
on children / young people and incorporate this into their practice.
* Work in partnership with the parent, family, and other agencies on
behalf of the child / young person.
* Participate in meetings in relation to the child / young person
and their family.
* Work as a key worker/ lead Practitioner for the child / young
person as required.
* Be a positive role model for children / young people.
* Attend court if required.
* Attend a range of meetings including case conferences as required.
* Provide leadership and motivation to optimize service delivery by
developing teams.
* Be responsible for the probationary appraisal of staff and the
completion of probationary appraisal reports as required.
* Keep the General Manager fully informed and up to date on all
significant matters.
* Proven achievement in effectively managing a professional staff
* Demonstrated ability to lead and empower others towards success in
the delivery of care services to a high standard.
* Perform other duties appropriate to the role as may be assigned.
* Adhere to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, policies and
procedures and other relevant legislation.
* Report any immediate concerns / incidents of questionable
* Be familiar with policies and procedures and ensure that such
policies and procedures are strictly adhered to.
* Be familiar with emergency procedures and know who to contact in
an emergency.

The above list of job duties is not exclusive or exhaustive and the
post holder will be required to undertake such tasks as may reasonably
be expected within the scope and grading of the post.


* Benefits include ongoing training and mentoring from highly
specialist Clinical and Corporate consultants.

JOB TYPES: Full-time, Permanent
SALARY: €**Apply on the website**,**Apply on the website**.**Apply
on the website**-€**Apply on the website**,**Apply on the
website**.**Apply on the website** per year
EXPECTED START DATE: 1/5/**Apply on the website**


Please email your CV and cover letter to **Apply on the website**


We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Others

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