Job Details: European Institute of Women's Health: Invitation to tender - A Lifetime of Caring – Who Cares?

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European Institute of Women's Health: Invitation to tender - A Lifetime of Caring – Who Cares?

Invitation to tender to conduct a study: A Lifetime of Caring – Who


The report will highlight the central issues surrounding women’s
caring roles across the life course from rearing children to caring
for disabled or sick family members at different points in their
lives. Many factors such as health, socio-economic status, education,
culture and ethnicity-impact behaviour and resources access also
influences caring responsibilities and outcomes. Lack of resources or
decision-making power and unfair work divisions have large
repercussions and opportunity costs for women and girls.


APPLICATION CLOSING DATE: **Apply on the website**th June **Apply on
the website**

SUBMISSION DETAILS: Expressions of interest to be sent to the European
Institute of Women’s Health (EIWH) at: **Apply on the website**

CONTACT DETAILS: Informal questions may be directed to : **Apply on
the website**



Founded in **Apply on the website**, the European Institute of
Women’s Health (EIWH) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that
uses an evidence-based  approach to advocate for an equitable, sex
and gender sensitive approach in health policy, research, promotion,
treatment, and care. The Institute promotes biomedical and
socio-economic research that addresses sex and gender-based
differences to ensure access to quality treatment and care for women
and their families across their lifespan. The EIWH strives to reduce
inequities by drawing policy maker’s attention to the obstacles that
women in minority, migrant, refugee and socio-economic disadvantaged
groups face. The Institute’s activities work to empower individuals
to play an active part in their own health management. The UN
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be integrated into
European health and well-being programming, policy, and practice.
Concerted efforts should be devoted to promoting and achieving SDG 3
(good health and well-being) 5 (gender equality) and **Apply on the
website** (reducing inequalities). Europe can do more to follow suit
and must make women’s health equality a central focus.


Equality between men and women has been a priority of the European
Union since the treaty of Rome over **Apply on the website** years
ago. **Apply on the website** marked twenty-five years since the
Beijing Declaration and five years of the UN’s Social Development
Goals (SDGs) yet large sex and gender inequities continue to persist
and are now in danger of being increased because of the coronavirus
pandemic. Many governments over the years have committed to the
eradication of gender inequalities, however progress has been slow,
discrimination against women persists and the target of equality for
all genders has never been attained. The incremental nature of the
policy making processes and budgetary cycles are out of sync with the
rapid changes of societal and particularly women’s needs, especially
during this current time of  economic crisis and  the impact of
COVID-**Apply on the website** has highlighted. Women are not only
expected to play a ubiquitous role in their families, communities and
societies, they do this with significantly fewer financial and other
resources, particularly as they age. By **Apply on the website**, the
GDP per capita in the EU would increase by **Apply on the website**%
or €2- 3 trillion if gender equality is improved. Gender policies
have been shown to have a stronger impact on GDP growth than labour
market and education policies. The EU Gender Equality Index has always
and continues to show that women remain second-class citizens and that
occupational segregation in the labour market results in women’s
work being undervalued and underpaid. This has changed very little
over so far in this century.



The EIWH are seeking to commission an appropriately qualified person
or a team of professionals to carry out a study outlining the main
issues around women’s caring responsibilities over the lifecourse.
This will include but not be limited to demographic and socio-economic
trends at EU level and Member States; employment and
pensions/financial resources; social and caring responsibilities; role
of gender in the allocation of caring; current policy, practice and
challenges; steps for action.

The study is to be presented in a report, which is intended to educate
and increase awareness amongst a wide audience of citizens and key
stakeholders about central issues facing Europe with regard women and


it is anticipated that a contract will be awarded by the beginning of
July with the contract to commence at the earliest opportunity
following award. All work and the final report are to be completed
within an anticipated 6 months and is envisaged to be completed by
**Apply on the website**th December **Apply on the website**.


The budget available for this project is €**Apply on the
website**,**Apply on the website** inclusive of VAT. Any overheads
should be covered by within this cost.



Suitably qualified and skilled professionals are invited to express
their interest to undertake this work. Interested parties are asked to
submit the following:

* A letter outlining their suitability and capacity to produce the
research described in section 2.1. Please summarise your understanding
of the requirements and of the relevant subject matter knowledge,
making reference to relevant experience of having undertaken similar
work previously.
* A full  EU Pass CV of the lead investigator must also be
submitted, providing details of academic and professional
qualifications relevant to this project.


Applicants should submit the required information outlined in Section
3.1 no later than **Apply on the website**th June COB  to:

European Institute of Women’s Health: **Apply on the website**

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Others

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