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Immigrate - English Version

Ireland is a European country.

People from Europe have equal rights and responsibilities as Irish citizens. Additionally, they can participate in local elections by voting.
Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited.
For individuals coming from countries outside the European Union, obtaining work and resident permits is necessary.

Immigrant Council of Ireland

Like in many countries where English is spoken, your experience, skills, and what others say about you are more important than your school papers. People here like to talk to each other and share information. Sometimes, you might need to give phone numbers of your old bosses so they can check if you're good for the job. This is better than having lots of certificates. Because of this, if you work well and are serious, it's often easier to get better jobs here than in other parts of Europe.

Actually, things have changed. Nowadays, if you don't speak English well, it's hard to get a good job. Even finding a simple job like in restaurants or pubs is getting harder. But don't worry, with determination and effort, it's still possible to make it happen.

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Working Process:
PPS Number: To begin, you need to obtain a PPS number. This number is special and will stay with you during your entire career. To get your PPS number, visit the Tax Office with your passport and proof of your address. You'll receive your PPS number in about a week by regular mail.
When it comes to getting a resident permit, a written note from a roommate along with an ESB bill in your name should be enough.
For more information, click HERE

Form12A: Before you start any job in Ireland, you need a special administrative form called Form12A. This form is used by the Tax Office to register you and manage your tax payments. Your employer will fill it out and send it to the Tax Office. You can download the form from this link: https://www.revenue.ie/en/self-assessment-and-self-employment/documents/form12.pdf
If you don't provide the Tax Office with a complete and filled Form12A, they will put you under the "emergency tax system." This means the Tax Office will deduct up to 54% from your salary until they receive all the required information. You can get back the over-deducted amount by requesting it later. However, it's best to comply with the Tax Office's requirements from the start.

P45: At the end of each job, no matter the reason (such as contract completion or departure), your employer should give you a form called "P45." This form lists all the salaries you received during your previous job, along with the taxes paid on those salaries. You'll need to provide this form to your next employer. If you don't, the Tax Office might put you in the "emergency tax system," suspecting you of trying to evade taxes. If you don't find a new job immediately, you can visit the Tax Office with your P45 form and ask for a tax refund for the period of your employment. Additionally, it's a good idea to double-check the accuracy of your tax payments with the Tax Office. When you start a new job, remember to notify the Tax Office about your new employer's details.

Summary: To start working, you need a PPS number. For your initial job, you'll require the form 12A to register with the Tax Office. Subsequently, for each new job when switching employers, you'll need a P45 form.

Quick News
Best Site for Shared Flats: www.daft.ie
Mobile Phone
Bus, Luas (tramway) and Dart (train). The tramway is the most reliable mode of transportation. While the Dart and Luas global maps are accessible, the Bus map is not yet available, making buses challenging to navigate.
www.dart.ie ( in real time )
Opening a bank account in Ireland can be a bit challenging. Typically, you'll need to provide an employment contract and proof of your address. Different banks may have varying requirements – some might even ask for information about your previous bank account for the past six months. It's recommended to explore multiple banks to find the one that aligns with your needs and preferences.
Bank of Ireland
Permanent TSB
National Irish Bank
All taxes, including personal income tax, are automatically deducted from your salary.
2007 budget: 20% if <€K 34 per year, 41% if >

income = € 60.000 (€K 60)
Taxable income = €K60
Deductions are made as follows:
34,000€ x 20% = €6,800
26,000€ x 41% = €10,660
Before deductions: €60,000
Levied taxes: €17,460
Net income: € 42,540 (not subjected to any tax)

Tip: If your annual income is below €34,000, you can estimate your monthly net income by dividing your income by 15 (e.g., €21,000 would be approximately €1,400 per month).

New rates: www.revenue.ie
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