Job Details: Regional Youth Service: Invitation to Tender - Provision of Consultancy Services

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Regional Youth Service: Invitation to Tender - Provision of Consultancy Services

The Board of Directors of Sphere **Apply on the website** Regional
Youth Service wish to invite applications from suitably qualified
consultants with a high level of knowledge and understanding of the
voluntary and community sector, for the purpose of developing our next
3-year Strategic Plan from January **Apply on the website** - **Apply
on the website**.


Sphere **Apply on the website** Regional Youth Service (RYS) was
established in **Apply on the website**. The organisation provides a
wide range of youth service activities to young people **Apply on the
website** years in the region of Dublin **Apply on the website** and
Kilbarrack area, based on their needs, interests, and capacity.

Our vision is for a future where all young people are valued. We want
to see a society where young people have a voice, where young people
are respected, and where they feel included, no matter what community
they are from. We hope for a society where young people can get high
quality support.

Sphere **Apply on the website** believes all young people can achieve
great things; some may need some support to do that. Our mission is to
support young people to be the best that they can be. We provide
support in different ways, for different young people, as they need
it. We do this through drop-ins, group work, one-to-one work,
outreach, and outings.


The Board has identified a key piece of work to be carried out in
quarter **Apply on the website** which requires external expertise;
the development of the organisations next 3-year Strategic Plan. The
new plan will:

* Articulate how the service plans to remain relevant and meaningful
to young people over the coming years.
* Incorporate key overarching themes/values focused on supporting
our core purpose, and which will guide the service and Board when
faced with any unforeseen challenges or opportunities.
* Strike a balance between national/sectoral/funder priorities
(top-down) and local priorities and perspectives (bottom-up).
* Produce a strategy in collaboration with the Board that is clear
and communicable to varied audiences including funders, government,
and the local community.

The process will include horizon scanning, consultation, and a SWOT
analysis, to help us to identify priorities and align our plan more
closely with any wider community/sector/funder plans or expectations.
The process will culminate in the presentation of a draft written

The available budget for this work is €5k and the timeframe for
completion is September-December **Apply on the website**.

Interested applicants are invited to email a 2-page summary proposal,
incorporating a brief outline of proposed methodology, timeframe, and
costs for the work, to: **Apply on the website** by 5pm, Friday,
August **Apply on the website**th, **Apply on the website**.

We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Others

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