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Positive, positive, positive. Attitude matters. You have to feel like a winner. Boost your life, and do it with us :)

Expect other career coaches to charge up to EUR 150 - EUR 200/hour. We are around 5 times more affordable. Please check our packages below:

-> Premium Package:
dublinWork googlePlay facebook linkedIn googlePlus
  • Your resume in our Database
  • Your Page on DublinWork.com CV + Contact Form
    Example: http://DublinWork.com/resume/SmithAndre.html,1
  • +
  • Resume Check-Up & Validation
  • Follow up by Email and Text Message During 3 Months: checklists, coaching notes, motivation...
  • Your App on Android with a Contact Form
    Example: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dublinwork.cvdublinwork
  • +
  • 30 Minute Critical Decision Phone Session
  • LinkedIn profile: creation (or optimisation) + management
  • Facebook Page Creation (or optimisation) + management
  • Google+ Page Creation (or optimisation) + management
  • DublinWork Emailing: Your details Sent to all our Contacts
  • Ten coaching calls of 5-10 minutes: interview training, strategy, motivation, etc....
  • Real Value: EUR 350
    Temporary Offer: EUR 199

-> Android Package:
dublinWork googlePlay

-> Basic Package:
  • Your resume in our Database
  • Your Page on DublinWork.com CV + Contact Form
    Example: http://DublinWork.com/resume/SmithAndre.html,1
  • +
  • One to one Skype & Gmail coaching during all your searching times. We provide advise, support, strategy and motivation meetings.
  • Support via Skype/Email/Txt Messages:
    Temporary Offer: EUR 25/hour

Contact Us Now: I Need Assistance With My Job Search

Languages Available: English & French

Advertise Your Resume on Google Play:
Your Resume on Android

Give the best picture of yourself, with modernity and technology. Put your resume on Android, directly in Google play, published under your name :)

With this offer, you will not join an anomymous directory of resume. You will have your own app, so people will find you on Google play when they will search your name. Employers will download your resume in pdf format. Then, they will reach you via the application contact form.

This is, for example, what we can do for you : googlePlay      cvExample

Real Value: EUR 99
Temporary Offer: EUR 39

Contact Us Now: I Want My Resume On Google Play

Languages Available: English & French

IT and Website Development:
Manage your own business: launch your eshop, develop your own website, create your business online, and optimise your data management
We are looking for partners and resellers. Do you want to become our distributor or representative? Please contact us to have details about our offer.

More Details: Go To Visit IT ASIA Dev Page

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